Stilts concepts

Illumina Illuminated stilts

These goddesses of light transport you with their charm of movement in their mystik and enchanted universe!

Animation for a corporate event; welcome of guests, awards ceremony, campaign distribution.
Animation for festival and parade; with their moth wings, they try to fly to the moon!


Straight out of a fairy tale, it is with elegance that these Unicorns wander with magic wands and bubbles in hand.
They are looking for their rainbow which allows them to return to their country.
Don’t be surprised if they ask you for some geographic or weather information.
They wander through your events, spreading a veil of illusion and fascination.

Savana Circus

These legendary large animals move cautiously among the audience and discover their new world with curiosity.
They observe you, surprise you, and draw you into their world.
If a tamer is among them, she knows how to tame them to show you their affectionate little sides.
You will be seduced by it.


Meet these intergalactic women from a distant tribe.
Fluidity, softness, lightness, these sacred characters crisscross and enter the space of new lands.
With intimacy, they whisper snatches of poems, songs, onomatopoeias, or vocal improvisations.
They will intoxicate you with poetry and imagination through a beautiful festive journey.

West Wild Lady (Cowgirl)

These tall Cowgirls will take you on great adventures! Whether it’s looking for their horse, with their wildest history, or chasing you with their enchanted bubble guns … you’ll be delighted to meet them! The west wild lady to the rescue….

Mystik Shaman and his Alebrijes

Inspired by Mexican folk art sculptures, this fantastic creature named Arco-Iris accompanied by his Shaman Mystik will leisurely stroll through your events and festivals. Coming out of a world of bright colors, the two stilt walkers invite you with their stories on a magnificent journey!

Christmas fairy characters

The magic of Christmas at your fingertips with the animation of the Mystika Circus stilt walkers which will delight young and old. Whether for a Christmas market, the skinning of your Christmas tree, a parade, a festival or a private party, Mystika will bring the magic of the holiday season!

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Striped circus doll Holidays,St-Patrick, Christmas, Valentine’s Day Red carpet Food and cocktail service Steampunk Vintage circus

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